Sun Worship Review
One of the best openings in music I’ve heard this year happens on “Chieftain,” the first of three tracks on “Sun Worship,” a short and to-the-point CD by the young Chicago free-jazz band Tiger Hatchery. There’s no lead-in, no windup: It’s as if all members were running as hot as possible, frozen in time, and then unfrozen: Blam, drums and cymbals under attack, tenor saxophone gasping, electric bass on extreme low judder.
If German sonic terrorist Peter Brötzmann, for instance, can be assimilated into the academic tradition, who, now, can make music that is confrontational and obscene enough to break free? Chicago trio Tiger Hatchery, for one, are trying their darndest-- and in certain ways, they’re succeeding.

Chieftain &... uppercut direct : nous voilà à l’autre bout de la pièce ! C’est de cette drôle de façon que Tiger Hatchery entame les hostilités, mais son jeu ne sera pas que d’attaques foudroyantes (qui rappellent les belles heures de la Knitting Factory). 
Well, so this is impressive free mayhem. Certainly one of the stronger, most mayhemishian free jazz release this year. So if that motors you you will not go wrong here! You won't need to have a dental hygienist clean your teeth if you play this one a couple of times at full volume. But your neighbors might give you some odd looks later, too. That's a given.
Tiger Hatchery offer a similar experience of surrendering to a massive and unstoppable sonic tsunami, not yet as titanic as the one of Brötzmann or The Thing, but no doubt, very close to it.
Tiger Hatchery are the children of Chicago’s two primary underground scenes. Comprised of Mike Forbes on sax, bassist Andrew Scott and drummer Ben Billington, the trio’s union of Scratch Acid scrawl and AACM aggression has earned them a half-hour on wax for legendary jazz label ESP-Disk. And these cats do not disappoint,
Sun Worship, Chieftain Preview
“Regarding these musics established on the principles of chaos, primal improvisation, and structural uncertainty, the distinction between ‘noise’ and ‘free-jazz’ necessitates messy considerations of historical/musicological context, artist intent, and… yeah, probably instrumentation. But I ask you: the feelings of excitement, disgust, wonder, and awe that reach you in moments of solitary listening — do these benefit from any of yer labels, man? Let it all go and just feel it.” Then just sit back and wait for the slow clap.
Here’s a little taste of Sun Worship ahead of its release, a ruthless number with the fury of heavy metal and the chaos of a street riot. “Chieftain” has no windup leading up to the release; it detonates at the moment the song begins. Forbes’ intense blowing approaches Peter Brötzmann territory in its violence, but Young’s bass soon asserts itself, a nasty noise that’s just plain menacing, and gets more so has he solos with increasing agitation.
The track fires on all cylinders right from the start, bombarding the listener with a squawking sax, messily frantic drums, and a menacingly plucked bass. It serves as the album’s greeting to the audience, giving them an example of what they’re in for on this roller-coaster of a release.
Tiger Hatchery's supporters tend to throw around the superlative "best band in the world" and despite the lack of Real Songs, sure why not go with that? If we can manage to convince the world that the guys making pure cacophony with a saxophone, a guitar, and some drums are better than the Arcade Fire then we can expect at least two years of interesting copycats.

Sun Worship Tour, Chicago Preview
Considering the concentrated energy in its explosive, destructive hybrid of free jazz and noise rock, it would’ve made sense if formerly Chicagoan trio Tiger Hatchery had burned itself out as a working band within a couple years—and that almost happened.

ESP-Disk 50th Anniversary Review
 We should all chip in and buy them a personalized mug that reads “World’s Greatest Shredders,” 
ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary Preview
Featured performers will represent the past and present of ESP-Disk’: multi-instrumentalists Kali Fasteau, Giuseppi Logan, and Alan Sondheim, from the label’s 1965-75 heyday, and guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil and trio Tiger Hatchery representing the present day. Additionally, former Sun Ra Arkestra member Michael D. Anderson will perform. The latter part of the concert will be a jam session featuring a variety of guests. The concert will benefit the Sun Ra Music Archives.
as if to prove that jazz doesn't have a monopoly on head-banging nosebleed noise, its catalog has always included progressive rock bands as well. Recently, ESP impresario Bernard Stollman added to the label roster Tiger Hatchery, a very high-energy and high-volume power trio from Chicago comprising the exuberant saxophonist Mike Forbes, bassist Andrew Scott Young and percussionist Ben Billington; they'll open the day-long anniversary celebration at 3:30. The festival also features longtime ESP stalwarts such as saxophonist Giuseppi Logan electronic guru Alan Sondheim, and multi-instrumentalist Kali. Z. Fasteau.
ESP-Disk' is not living in the past, though, as it recently signed a young trio, Tiger Hatchery, which makes its full-length debut with Sun Worship, out on vinyl, CD, and digital download on November 18, with liner notes by John Olson of Wolf Eyes.. This is one of the most powerful albums in the storied history of ESP-Disk', and that's saying something!
ESP-Disk is not living in the past, though, as it recently signed a young trio, Tiger hatchery, which makes its full length debut with Sun Worship, out on vinyl, cd, and digital download November 19th, with liner notes by John Olson of Wolf Eyes.

ESP-Disk' is not living in the past, though, as it recently signed a young trio, Tiger Hatchery, which makes its full-length debut with Sun Worship, out on vinyl, CD, and digital download on November 18, with liner notes by John Olson of Wolf Eyes.. This is one of the most powerful albums in the storied history of ESP-Disk', and that's saying something!

Pizza Night 12" review/seattle
"I caught Chicago free jazz crew Tiger Hatchery at Seattle's best show so far this year. The Hatchery blew the roof the place, still one of the most intense, relentlessly energetic jazz ensembles I've ever encountered. While I was there I obviously clutched a bounty of proper Tiger Hatchery stuff too: an insanely good one-sided LP on Pizza Night, a cassette on Baked Tapes, the best bang for the buck, with a live set on each side, and a split 7-inch with rock band Lechuguillas (who they modestly stated delivered the better side; modesty is great and all but please allow me to disagree, Tiger Hatchery.) Killer band, if you missed their tour, well, that was dumb."

The Static Fanatic
"Non-academic free spazz. So smart. Single sided."

"I thought, these motherfuckers are playing with the violence of European free jazz, but also birthing tuned, full-bodied edifices of sound that encapsulate the audience in the nearly tangible environment of their sustained harmonic interplay. I’m talking repetitive, prolonged interactions that were captivating in the way 60s minimalist performances were experiential."

Daft Records
featured upcoming performance

Wasteland split review.
"What continues to amaze me after countless listens is the amount of territory covered in such a short amount of time. It doesn't feel rushed or scatterbrained like they're trying to cram a bunch of things in before their time runs out. "Sour Star" just naturally navigates a lot of terrain from thunderous brushfires to rocky, open plains."

Half Nelson split
"The classic jazz trio is turned upside down and wrung out for all the noise shred it can muster on this."

Lemon Crystal Sunshine
"This release is also noteworthy for being their first studio recording. The live recordings have been awesome (all highly recommended) but this really shows a lot more detail and has a fuller sound (even as a cassette). Plenty of fire comes out of the trio but what makes them stand out is that they explore quieter territories and even get into some drone moments with all acoustic instruments! there is plenty of variety, dynamics and exploration. i cannot recommend these guys highly enough!

Interview with Billington for Chicago Music Online Publication
Yes, they are actually well-known enough that they get interviewed.

Last fm

Recent Collaboration w/ Paul Flaherty preview
featured upcoming performance

Suono il Popolo Fest in Montreal

Matmos gig at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art (Mike also performed with Matmos that evening)

Neon Marshmallow Fest 2011
"...may not be as experienced in the Chicago free jazz scene as Colligan, Zerang, and Baker, but their set proved to be just as powerful. Thumping drum rolls, furious tenor sax flutterings, and crushing bass rolled through the room like tidal waves.  Whether plaintive and wiry on upright, or eerie and jumpy on the electric, the bass set a serious tone for the rest of the group."
"You look for energy in opening acts – three-piece jazz/noise fusion Tiger Hatchery had it in spades.A wild-haired drummer beat out infernal rhythms while the other two variously belted out the brass squawking or laid down a searing bass line.  Pedal to the metal for a good 35 minutes."

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